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Choosing the perfect music for your
wedding has never been easier!

Song lists are sorted by ensemble. Pick an ensemble below.

Want to view the entire list?
(Caution, it's very long!)

Have full control over your song choices by using our handy

Want a song that you DID NOT find on the list?

Typically, we can learn ONE new song per event (anything not included on the lists above) for no additional cost.


If there is a request for 2 OR MORE songs not listed above, OR if the sheet music for the requested song(s) is difficult to find,

we will charge an additional fee to arrange the requested song selection(s). (Fees are based on the specific song request).

Some songs may not be available for certain instrumentation. Some instruments/performers have their own set list of songs to choose from, different than what is provided above. This would require a separate discussion if this applies to your event.

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