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A Collection of Professional Chicago Musicians

How We Came to Be


Hannah and Leyla are the original founders of Chicago Street Strings, or "ChiSS" [Shy / S / S] for short. The two ladies attended Columbia College together and created the idea for this company while busking on the city streets fresh out of college during the summer of 2012. Not only did they gain experience and chops while performing for hours on busy streets down Chicago's famous Magnificent Mile, but they also began to receive many questions such as "Do you perform in weddings?" or "Can you provide background music for a Sunday brunch that I am hosting?" or "I'd like to add strings to my new original song". And with all that, it wasn't long before they moved away from the street busking days and into the wedding music booking and entertainment industry, working hard to get their little female-owned DIY business kick-started and off the ground.

Who We Are Now

Since the busking days, ChiSS has evolved into a group of music professionals that are passionate and dedicated to consistently providing outstanding musicianship and exceptional performances for all kinds of events at reasonable and competitive rates. The ChiSS roster of musicians, arrangers and composers is professionally trained and dedicated to providing our clients with top-notch performances at every single event. We offer a wide variety of instrumentation options as well including violin, viola, cello, piano, guitar, and harp, offering the ability to "mix and match" instruments to achieve your desired sound. We are available as soloists, duos, trios, or quartets, and can alter instrumentation to suit your needs. If you'd like to see individual musician bios, check out the Roster page.

What We Guarantee

All of our musicians are seasoned professionals and well versed in many different genres including classical, popular, folk, oldies, Irish, traditional wedding music, jazz, and the list goes on and on. The roster as a whole also has a very extensive song list, we have full confidence that clients will find any song they are looking for and more when searching our list for the perfect music to include for their big day.

Please check out our Songlist page to view the full list and some audio examples provided as well.

Each talented musician is extremely professional and holds not only high standards but specific attention to detail and is committed to ensuring each and every client’s complete satisfaction.


Music from Bach to the Beatles; and from Aerosmith to Ashokan Farewell. We will cater to your specific needs to ensure we give you the unique occasion that you deserve.



Occasions we provide music for:

Wedding/Cocktail Hour


Private Party/Special Event

Corporate Event/Party

Holiday Party

Band Gig

Art Gallery Showing

Store Opening

Baby Shower

Recording Session



Original Composition

The Soundtrack to your Life

…anything else you can think of!



To inquire about rates & packages, availability, or other event details, e-mail us at

Not convinced yet? Check out what past clients have said about our services on our Reviews page.

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